Questions To Ask For an Astrology Video Reading

If you are booking a video reading and you would like to explore popular questions, I have categorized lists of questions below. Each bulleted example is considered one question in a video reading. 

If a question has an * at the end, it means an exact birth time is required. 

You are not limited to the questions on this list and are welcome to ask a unique question that is not listed here. Please note that I don't work with asteroids. 


Love & Partnership 

  • Describe the ideal partner for me. 
  • What are some challenges that exist for me in regard to romantic relationships?
  • What do I need to feel nurtured in an intimate relationship?
  • (Describe a specific challenge that you experience when dating) What can I do to overcome the challenge described? 
  • Why do I find it difficult to express my feelings or be vulnerable in a relationship?


Current Events & Timing (up to one year; exact birth time required for ALL)

  • Which areas of life should I focus on in the year ahead? *
  • What am I meant to learn and takeaway from my experiences this year? *
  • What opportunities are coming my way in the next few months? *
  • What challenges are coming my way in the next few months? *
  • I'm thinking about doing (insert action or desire). Is this year a good time for me to make that change? *


Career & Money 

  • I currently work in (name field/job title). Is my current job the best fit for me?
  • What activities would allow me to serve my highest purpose? *
  • What sort of job or activities would bring me more wealth? *
  • (Describe issue that you have with your jobs). How can I overcome the issue described?
  • I want to change careers. What timeframes this year would be most advantageous for securing a better job? *


Growth & Self Improvement

  • Where does my greatest opportunity for abundance occur? *
  • What habits or programming do I possess that hold me back in life?
  • What talents do I possess that can be further developed to help me achieve more success?
  • How can I better lean into my purpose? 


ASTRO PROS (Those who are familiar with their charts)

  • What does my stellium in (list house or sign) mean? *
  • My (insert personal planet) is retrograde. Tell me more about that placement. 
  • How will the upcoming Mercury retrograde affect me personally? *
  • I have this specific feature (list aspect or configuration). Can you give me your take on it?