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The virtual astrology party offers you and your nearest and dearest, a soulful wellness experience that celebrates laughing, learning, and bonding. Perfect for a birthday celebration, baby shower, happy hour, or girl's night out. Guests are welcome to engage and ask questions.

Groups of 5-8 participants require 90 minutes and groups of 9-12 participants require 2 hours. If you select an incompatible time length for your group size, the calendar will read "no unavailability".  

All reservations are based on the Eastern Standard Time Zone. 


Learn Your Love Language

You have a natural way of expressing love and your values are unique to you. With this theme, you have the opportunity to discover your love personality and the type of energy that leads you to a more satisfying love experience.

I will describe the ideal qualities that you should seek out in a partner and offer you insight into potential relationship challenges or blocks. I will share tailored advice to help you move beyond your challenges and affirm your unique love expression. This theme is best for your group if you are looking for a fun, saucy, and titillating experience.

Celestial body of focus: Venus

Improve Emotional Health 

We live in a world that places a high value on external accomplishments and superficial appearances. For this theme, we remove our masks, and we deep dive into your inner sanctum to discover your emotional persona and deepest needs. 

I will make you aware of triggers that create emotional discomfort and the likely cause of those triggers. I will share candid tips that assist you in moving beyond emotional blocks and help you understand how you can channel your emotions in a way that leads to greater emotional fulfillment and inner peace. This theme is best for the group that wants a deep, soul-bonding, and restorative experience. Birth time is preferred for an optimal experience as the moon changes signs every 2.5 days. 

Celestial body of focus: Moon

Lean Into Your Purpose

Businesses have mission statements because they have a purpose. The goal of this experience is to help you craft your very own mission statement as you too have a purpose. Most people fail in life because they simply don't know who they are and what they want. 

I will share with you what your focal point should be and help you become strong in your understanding of who you are and what you want. We will discuss the challenges and blocks that warp or minimize your sense of ego and identity and how you can push beyond those limitations. This theme is about exploring the area of life where you have the potential to shine the brightest. This is best for your group if you are looking for a warm, life-affirming, and strengthening experience. 

Celestial body of focus: Sun

Create Abundance

Each of us has what I would describe as a "superpower". This superpower is the key to your abundance. If you develop this power and harness it, your world opens up and unfolds in a way that transcends anything that your rational mind could have conceived. You make a quantum leap. So few of us know what our superpower is and even if we did, we may not understand how to nurture it.

Throughout the course of this experience, I will show each guest how to tap into this energy and take their life to the next dimension. I will also make you aware of obstacles and poor habits that act as your "kryptonite" as well as show you the tools you ought to use to cultivate more abundance. This theme is best for the group that is big-picture oriented, wants to move beyond the mundane and level up.

Celestial body of focus: Jupiter

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Important Info

Confidentiality is important and birth data is never shared with others. I will request birth data and you will receive a Zoom link via email. 

Experiences can be booked up to 90 days in advance. 

The Astrologer: Aris Adonis

You know how people go through life feeling stuck or confused about their relationships, career or life purpose?

Well, what I do is use astrology and intuitive counseling to offer clarity and peace of mind regarding those concerns, while giving them motivation to take actionable steps towards bringing those areas of life into proper balance. I use tools that have been in development for thousands of years, and that I have been working with for sixteen years, to help others create the lives they most desire.

In fact, nearly all of my clients feel affirmed, motivated and ready to move forward, in the area of life, where they had been struggling after a single counseling session.